Next Level….

We have decided to up our game with the way we install our systems. We know that each client has different needs and installation areas, and sometimes wall mounted installations are not possible. So, we are designing your system to be installed in a cabinet. This also gives you the freedom to reallocate your system should you wish to do so. You can start with a backup system for load shedding and easily upgrade to a full PV system, as your budget sees fit. The length of time that we interrupt your household for installation purposes will also be reduced.

We also launched our own data logging server, so all our installations will be hosted on our own server and not with a 3rd party hosting site. We have full control over this and all installation (linked to specific inverters), will have its own custom designed dashboards so you can monitor your system from anywhere. This also enables you to do a DIY installation. The cabinet comes out standard with two temperature controllers and inverter isolation switch gear and manual Eskom bypass function.