If you want to start with one battery and upgrade later, but need a high performance battery, the Hubble is right option for you. With a 100A Charge/Discharge rate… it just works!


Model Hubble X-100
Rated Capacity (5HR) 100Ah
Nominal Voltage 48.0V
Discharge Ending Voltage 42.0V
Charging Limited Voltage 54.0V
Max. Charging Current 100A
Max. Continuous Discharging Current 100A
C Rating 1.0C
Weight Approx. 46 Kg
Display With a LCD display screen
Parallel Parallel connection is optional (up to 15P).
Dimensions (W*D*H) mm (inches) 442 (17.40″) * 431 (16.97″) * 177.5 (6.99″)

Ordering Codes

Hubble X-100
Hubble 48V 100Ah


Information Sheet:

Hubble Lithium Brochure V3.0